British Get Win on the World Match Wheelchair Basketball in 2014

A very prestigious match occurs between the women’s team from Japan and England in the match with a wheelchair basketball in 2014.English team cannot play with Sophie Carrigill because of injuries obtained while playing against their former team. Finally they had to fight to get a win. Results 62-48 scores has become a fairly satisfactory result for the British team.
At the beginning of the second half the England team playing with fast attack. They managed to score a 2-0 position. Then the constantly is changing status of the Japanese game very agile. Both teams are chasing each position with a very compact cooperation. Japan looks all prominent players in the match phase. Until the end of the second half they managed to collect digits by a margin of 18-12.
The pressure created by the player Laurie Williams managed to make a winning team with 10 new figures. Until a few minutes of the game continues to move with a score of 22-12. Japan has lagged 10 points and they are starting to show trouble. Throughout the match the team from the UK and Japan had continued to pursue the point. Until finally score 62-48 points win decision into English.